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The Uganda Annual Best FOSS Integration Case Award, 2005

The Uganda Annual best FOSS Integration case Award is an annual award given to the organization or individual which/who displays the most outstanding use of Free and Open Source Software Technology.

The first Open Source Software (OSS) Weekend in Uganda was held in Kampala, (Frid 25th Feb – Sun 27th Feb) 2005.

The workshop was organized by Uganda Institute of Information and Communication Technology (UICT) ( ) and the East African Center for Open Source Software (EACOSS) ( ).

The workshop was attended by a number of organizations involved in FOSS integration in the country. There were opportunities for presentations and exhibitions.

SchoolNet Uganda made a presentation on its Linux-based Thin-Client solution for rural schools and also exhibited the solution.

The Linux Terminal Server was configured as an application server, content server and Thin-client server.

The content server hosts educational content and makes it available on the school Intranet. This has the following advantages:

  • No need for the Internet once the content is put on the Intranet. This is a cost saving on Internet traffic.
  • No disruption of students’ attention by adverts and pop-ups.
  • Only screened and evaluated content is provided to the students.
  • No phonographic content.
  • Fast access speeds since the content is locally available.
  • Better utilization of the school ICT facilities.
  • Solution suitable even for schools without Internet access.

The thin-clients have no hard disks, CD-ROM drives or floppy drives. They just need to have bootable network cards which they use to boot from the Linux Terminal server.
The thin-clients have the following advantages:

  • The have very low failure rates.
  • Have no viruses since the thin clients host no programs. All the programs are hosted on the application server.
  • The thin clients require no maintenance and consume low power.
  • The thin-clients can be “junk” computers which most rural schools can afford. Only the terminal server needs to be a high end machine.
  • Only the server needs to be maintained freeing up more time to the teachers.
  • The system is highly scalable and affordable.

For the first time, the yearly award for outstanding use of FOSS technology was awarded. The best award of UGX 250,000/= was given to SchoolNet Uganda for its Linux Terminal Server project implementation at secondary schools.




Over the years, SchoolNet Uganda has received a number of International and national awards for its contribution to ICT4D. Some of the awards are:

  1. Stockholm Challenge Finalist
  2. The Golden Nica Award by Prix Ars Electronica
  3. ICT Capacity Development Award by Uganda Communication Commission
  4. The Uganda Annual Best FOSS Integration Case Award, 2005