SchoolNet Uganda Activities

Helping schools to enhance the teaching and learning process using Information Communication Technology (ICT) through provision of affordable computers, ICT for Education advise and sensitization, technical capacity building and support, teacher pedagogical professional development and support, local education content development, school networking and school international linkages for project-based learning


SchoolNet Uganda was started 1997 as a program jointly supported by World Links for Development (WorLD) currently World Links Organization , World Bank Institute – ICT for Education Program, SchoolNet Uganda was the first in the elaborate World Links Organization’s ICT for Education program in the developing world.

SchoolNet Uganda is an iEARN (International Education and Research Network) centre.  As an iEARN centre, SchoolNet Uganda is a voting member of the iEARN network’s International Assembly.

SchoolNet Uganda  works with Uganda education institutions in setting up Information Communication Technology (ICT) facilities and developing technical and pedagogical capacity necessary to use ICT to enhance teaching and learning.


SchoolNet Uganda’s vision is to be the leading educational driven collaborative national network of educators and schools spearheading innovative use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Education.


SchoolNet Uganda’s mission is to support the introduction of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in schools and to build the schools’ and teachers’ pedagogical capacity to optimally use the ICT resources in the schools and the Internet to enhance the teaching and learning process as a means of increasing access, quality and relevancy of education.

Purpose and Objectives

The overall purpose of SchoolNet Uganda is to plan, support and build capacity for the use of ICTs in education in Uganda as a strategy of improving learning achievements and teacher performance in the classroom. The organization targets to make ICTs one of the main institutionalized tools in the classroom instruction process, knowledge acquisition and sharing.

SchoolNet Uganda is guided by the following operational principles:

  1. The right of every Ugandan student to have meaningful education, information, knowledge and skills that empower his/her life.
  2. Universal access to affordable and sustainable ICT for schools using a variety of solutions.
  3. According highest priority to creation of local educational digital content.
  4. Engaging as many stakeholders as possible for the benefit of ICT for education sub-sector.
  5. Specifically supporting the gender dimension of ender ICT in Education.

SchoolNet Uganda’s main objectives:

  1. To advise educational institutions on different Internet connectivity options and support disadvantaged educational institutions with Internet connectivity for pedagogical purposes.
  2. To spearhead relevant ICT technical, pedagogical and administrative capacity building initiatives for educators and managers of education.
  3. To establish professional networks for sharing of knowledge and ICT resources in education with SchoolNet Uganda as the coordinating hub.
  4. To spearhead advocacy programs for appreciation and meaningful use of ICT in education amongst main stakeholders including policy makers, educators and learners.
  5. To undertake prospective and evaluative studies aimed at documenting the best practice, lessons learned and impact of ICT in education.

SchoolNet Uganda Activities:

  •  Advising schools on different ICT and Internet connectivity options.
  • Providing affordable refurbished computers to schools and individual teachers at a price agreed on with the Ministry of Education and Sports and conforming to agreed on minimum specifications.
  • Setting up school computer labs and Local Area Networks (LAN).
  • Providing working and training experience for student interns, students on industrial training and international volunteers.
  • Soliciting ICT donations for under-resourced schools.
  • Providing technical training for school IT coordinators and student technical support teams. Providing on-going second level technical support.
  • Providing basic ICT skills training.
  • Providing pedagogical training and on-going pedagogical support to teachers on how to use ICT to enhance teaching and learning in different subjects.
  • Conducting sensitization workshops for school heads and teachers on why and how ICT can be used to enhance the teaching and learning process.
  • Using ICT for science education and for sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR).
  • Linking Uganda students and teachers to students and teachers in other countries for tele-collaborative projects.
  • Training teachers in digital multimedia content production. SchoolNet Uganda runs the Uganda Digital Education Resource Bank  which is an online repository of digital resources created or identified by Uganda teachers and students.Encouraging student science exhibitions and awarding the best exhibitors.
  • Organizing and conducting Science With ICT holiday camps.
  • Running a mailing for Uganda teachers for knowledge sharing.
  • Carrying out research studies on the impact of ICT on education in Uganda.

Since 1997, SchoolNet Uganda has implemented a number of project with very exciting results. More information on the projects can be found in the projects section of this website.




Over the years, SchoolNet Uganda has received a number of International and national awards for its contribution to ICT4D. Some of the awards are:

  1. Stockholm Challenge Finalist
  2. The Golden Nica Award by Prix Ars Electronica
  3. ICT Capacity Development Award by Uganda Communication Commission
  4. The Uganda Annual Best FOSS Integration Case Award, 2005