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The impact of the 2011 Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) Face-to-Face Workshop on my life by Wamanga Moses, Jinja SS AYV site, Uganda

The workshop has caused a fundamental change in my life as an AYV educator.

Monday 10th Jan 2011 was the first day of the workshop. We went through the participants’ expectations for the workshop. Personally, I had the following expectations:

  • To enable me develop the skills of editing video.
  • To share experience with educators from other AYV project sites in Uganda so as to improve my performance.
  • To get possible solutions to the challenges and problems my AYV youth artist encounter in their project work.
  • To be inspired in carrying out AYV project activities at our AYV site.
  • To discover the process of developing a digital story that can make an impact in and around our school.

All my expectations, were achieved because the training sessions were excellent, involving minds-on and hands-on approaches.

The trainers were knowledgeable, skillful and encouraging from the first day to the last day. Daniel Kakinda in particular was so inspiring and shared his personal experiences that inspired me greatly.

The workshop has:

  • Enabled me to understand the concept and the concept and the purpose of Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) better. The explanation given was excellent especially the link between AYV and iEARN.
  • Enabled me to develop the skills of video production. I used to have a problem of editing videos. It even became more difficult for me to guide students.
  • Helped me too understand how to make the youth develop a digital story. Especially the qualities of a good story, how to write a storyline and doing a storyboard. This was properly presented and I understood it very well.
  • Enabled me to understand the concept of “Create With a Purpose”. At first, we used to create media but it was a bit difficult to be focused. I will therefore guide my youth well.

Through this workshop, I was able to attend and listen to a virtual web conference about iEARN (International Education Resource Network) delivered over the Elluminate platform which was presented by Allan Kakinda from the iEARN-USA offices in New York, USA. This experience made me to develop more interest in the use of ICT in the teaching process.
My life has changed a lot after attending this workshop. I have always wanted to help the youth but in most cases, I lacked the skills and ideas to make them change for the better. From the workshop, I developed the skills of communicating to the youth to empower them carry out their projects concerning the problems in and around Jinja.

My attitude towards helping other people has improved tremendously. Previously, my concentration was on things with instant profit. But from now onwards, I think I have to serve the community first. That is why God has still left me on earth. The spirit of sharing has also increased in me.
The workshop has made to develop confidence in doing our AYV project from the beginning to the end. I can write a script and direct the making of a digital story. I am grateful to the excellent work done by the facilitators.




Over the years, SchoolNet Uganda has received a number of International and national awards for its contribution to ICT4D. Some of the awards are:

  1. Stockholm Challenge Finalist
  2. The Golden Nica Award by Prix Ars Electronica
  3. ICT Capacity Development Award by Uganda Communication Commission
  4. The Uganda Annual Best FOSS Integration Case Award, 2005