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The impact of the Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) Face-to-Face Workshop on my life and my work by Henry Sempangi Sanyulye from Dunly Education Consults AYV site Uganda

It started as a joke to me at the first day, Monday the 10th January 2010 when I joined the Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) Educators face- to- face workshop where I got to learn very many thing that I didn’t know and discovering potential in me that I didn’t think I had.

The first day, I got to know what Adobe Youth Voice (AYV) was all about. I also got to learn the steps that has to be followed when creating a media starting with the planning stage, how to create the “Webbing” of the issue before doing Voices (AYV) educator and media producer in my organization, making a storyline was a new experience to me but that helped to be more effective while working on any media.

On the second day of the workshop, I learnt how to write a script following a storyline which was also a new experience to me.

On the third day I got to learn something new which I didn’t know before; how to draw a storyboard. It was the most interesting part in a way that a storyboard makes you be sure of what you want and going to do. I also learnt that its saves a lot of time during the production. I have been producing media but it was a bit challenge for me because I could go to the field when I don’t know what am going to do and I find myself coming up with other things. The following day I saw how easy producing a media with a foundation that’s to say when u have a story, a Story line and a story board it gives your media a path to follow while go in production.

In this workshop, I have learnt how wonderful and interesting it is to work in a team. Sharing ideas with others was a good thing for me for I learnt when you share an idea with someone you get enlightened on it more. I also learned how to collaborate with others while doing work which was all another achievement in my life.

Having been equipped with knowledge and skills on how to “CREATE MEDIA WITH A PURPOSE”, I will now go on and reach out to the youth and teach them the same skills I have learnt in the Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) workshop so that they get a voice using media to speak out their concerns.
The youth artists at our AYV site are currently working on a media on Drug Abuse which is an issue of growing concern to our community.




Over the years, SchoolNet Uganda has received a number of International and national awards for its contribution to ICT4D. Some of the awards are:

  1. Stockholm Challenge Finalist
  2. The Golden Nica Award by Prix Ars Electronica
  3. ICT Capacity Development Award by Uganda Communication Commission
  4. The Uganda Annual Best FOSS Integration Case Award, 2005