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Helping schools to enhance the teaching and learning process using Information Communication Technology (ICT) through provision of affordable computers, ICT for Education advise and sensitization, technical capacity building and support, teacher pedagogical professional development and support, local education content development, school networking and school international linkages for project-based learning

The Golden Nica Award by Prix Ars Electronica

On the evening of Wed June 23, 2004 SchoolNet Uganda’s “The World Starts With Me (WSWM)” project was awarded the 2004 Golden Nica Award for the Digital Communities by Prix Ars Electronica for its innovation and relevancy. This top award was at a ceremony held at the UN Headquarters in New York, US. In attendance were many delegates to the Economic Summit (the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit). This ceremony was the inaugural year for the Digital Communities category and saw two of the seven Golden Nicas awarded to The World Starts With Me and to Wikipedia. Each Golden Nica came with a cash award of 10,000 Euros. “The World Starts With Me” (WSWM) is a computer-based sex education and AIDS prevention curriculum aimed at young Ugandans. WSWM was developed and produced by Butterfly Works ( and the World Population Foundation ( in association with SchoolNet Uganda ( The Golden Nica award for The World Starts With Me was accepted by Mr. Alex Okwaput (a teacher at Bishop Senior Mukono and SchoolNet Uganda – World Population Foundation senior consultant for WSWM) and three Dutch ladies; Ineke Aquarius, Herster Ezra and Emer Beamer. Golden Nica AwardThe Golden Nica is a gold plated replica of the Greek Nike of Samothrace. Nike of Samothrace is a 3rd (third) century marble sculpture of the Greek goddess Nike (Victory). Since 1884, it has prominently been displayed at the Lourve and is one of the most celebrated sculptures in the world. Prix Ars Electronica ( is an International competition for CyberArts. It is one of the most important awards for creativity and pioneering spirit in the field of digital media. Each year, 6 Golden Nicas, 12 Awards of Distinction and approximately 70 Honorary Mentions are presented to the participants.




Over the years, SchoolNet Uganda has received a number of International and national awards for its contribution to ICT4D. Some of the awards are:

  1. Stockholm Challenge Finalist
  2. The Golden Nica Award by Prix Ars Electronica
  3. ICT Capacity Development Award by Uganda Communication Commission
  4. The Uganda Annual Best FOSS Integration Case Award, 2005